Quilted Handbag (Damask Sun)

Quilted Handbag with magnetic button – SGD 23.00 – not available

Material: Fabrics from USA and Japan
Lining: Fully interfaced with linen and an inner pocket
Size: (W) 9″ x (H) 6″ x (D) 3.2″ with strap (L) 27.8″
(W) 23cm x (H) 15cm x (D) 8cm with strap (L) 70.5cm

0 in stock.

**Pic as shown with nothing inside. It has a soft touch and a good structural support.**


3 thoughts on “Quilted Handbag (Damask Sun)

  1. I am looking for a sling bag. will the handle be long enough to be slinged?
    Would you be able to post me other pictures of the bag from different angle (i.e inside)?
    for this bag, are there other prints or fabric used?


    1. Hi Jaslyn,

      I didn’t realise I have a message… sorry for the late reply.. This bag is only up to waist area.. so I don’t think you can sling it as it will be short. Sure I will send to you another angel of the bag tomorrow morning..



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