Pleated Shoulder Bag (Rainbow)

Pleated Shoulder Bag – SGD 28.00 – sold

Size: (W) 15.4″ x (H) 9.3″ x (D) 4.3″ with strap (L) 16.3″
(W) 39cm x (H) 23.5cm x (D) 11cm strap (L) 41.5cm

0 in stock.

**Picture taken without anything inside. It has a soft touch, roomy and is fully interfaced for durability. Good for a casual day out with anything you need to put in, umbrella, wallet/purse, a small bottle of water, notepad, etc.. There is an inner pocket with 2 compartments to put your phone and other accessories (ezlink card). I used 100% cotton fabric from Lila Tueller for the above item. **


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