Coin Purse (Sunbonnet Girl Black)

Padded Coin Purse (Sunbonnet Girl Black) with zip closure – SGD 13.00 – sold

Size: (W) 3″ x (H) 2.8″ x (D) 3.2″ with zip opening (L) 4.7″
(W) 7.5cm x (H) 7cm x (D) 8cm with zip opening (L) 12cm

0 in stock.

**This is my 2nd prototype coin purse that looks like a mini clasp frame purse. It has a soft touch as it is padded for durability. You can use it for coins or some small notes (folded) or as a pouch for your little items . For the above item, the fabrics used are 100% cotton  from Japan. **

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