Quilted Teapot Applique Tote (Lilac Polka Dot)

Quilted Teapot Applique Tote (Lilac Polka Dot)
– SGD 32.00 – sold

Size: (W at the widest) 10.8″ / (Opening) 7″ x (H) 8.5″ x (D) 2.2″ with strap (L) 7.7
(W at the widest) 27.5cm / (Opening) 18cm  x (H) 21.5cm x (D) 5.5cm with strap (L) 19.5cm

0 in stock.

 * This tote bag is fully interfaced for durability. It can fit my pencil case, a small sized Bible, my purse and phone. Appliques detail. A teapot and a tea cup. I used 100% cotton from Japan for the above item. *

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