Mini Coin Pouch (Paris Paws)

Mini Coin Pouch with zipper closure and ‘D’ ring – sold
* with name embroidered SGD 9.00 *
* without name embroidered SGD 7.50*

Size: (W) 3.4″ x (H) 2.3″
(W) 8.5cm x (H) 6cm

0 in stock.

** This mini coin pouch (matching to the quilted bag) is fully interfaced for durability and lined with 100% dark lilac polka dot cotton. A ‘D’ ring is attached to the side of the pouch for multi-purpose usage. You can attach your favorite key charm to it or if you like a matching fabric string attachment, do let me know. I will be glad to make one for you. I used fabric from Alexander Henry (Australia) and Japan. ** 

*** You can also personalise the coin pouch by adding the name of the person you would like to give. It has that special touch and love when received.  Let me know the name if you would like it to be embroidered. ***

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