In Stock! (Available immediately)

Hi Everyone!

Below are items which are available and ready to post!

Drop me an email or leave a comment here if you are interested in any of the items.  Happy browsing! 

For returning customer, you are entitled to 5% off… and for new customer, when you purchase your first item (original price), your next item will be 5% off!

Shoulder Bag in Bambi Pink SGD38.90  SGD36.90

Handbag with cute applique SGD50.00 SGD47.50

Quilted Bag Paris Paws with removable crochet flower SGD32.00 SGD30.40

iPhone Pouch Little Owl SGD14.90 SGD14.10 / Button Bear SGD12.90 SGD12.20

Summery Bucket Bag SGD23.90 SGD22.70

Boxy Pencil Pouch Hello Kitty ~SOLD~ / Lovely Blue SGD15.00 SGD14.20

Mini Coin Purse Blue Stripe / Toot toot SGD9.00 SGD8.55

Cute Specs Holder in Blue Polka Dot with Embroidery  ~SOLD~ SGD15.00 SGD14.20

Thank you for browsing and do spread a word to your friends who might be interested in handmade stuff!!




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