Snapshots of my 1st Bazaar

On the 25th Aug, we did our very first Bazaar and thank God, it turned out to be a fun and pleasant experience for both my myself and a friend who owns GracefulCloset.

Not knowing what to expect, we turned up quite early to set up our stall. We shared a table so both of us were trying our best not to take up too much table space and ended up telling each other that we have enough, no worry, just display 😀

In a way, we were having a joyous fellowship with each other even through setting up our stall.

Halfway through setting up my stall, I thought that it would be better for me to snap some photos. If not, I would be too busy later on to do so. And I found my darling girl going through Aunty Zuhui’s beautiful handmade hair accessories.

My stall was done, both my girl and I went through various display methods and finally came to term with the above. She was eagered and helped me with the bags, and small items even till the last minute, she was still trying to display the stuff till I finally distracted her with other things 😀

I almost forgot to take a photo of ourselves with our stuff, if not, for a sweet friend who came by to support us and asked me “hey, have you taken photo of yourself with your stall?” “Oops!! no!” 😀

There, I am with my girl and our stall 🙂

I like this little girl. She was so engrossed with all the beautiful handmade hair accessories that she didn’t notice that I took a photo of her. SO adorable!

We are now looking forward to another Bazaar, God willing. Thank God for that beautiful day that He had made and it was a fond memories for all of us.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂



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