Zipper Pouch (2 sizes) ~ Cutie Owls and Friends

Zipper Pouches ~ Cutie Owls and Friends
Small: SGD 18.90 ~ SOLD ~
Medium: NA

* If purchased two of these pouches together, the special price is SGD 39.00 *

. These cute pouches are one-of-a-kind and the square are individually patched together.
. The vibrant color combination make them cheerful and attractive.
. Almost all ladies have some small little items like lipsticks, blusher, perfume and stuff that you will bring along with you in your bag. This is a nice size and shape to hold these items for you.
. If not, the medium size pouch can also be used as a pencil case while the smaller one can be used as a coin and notes purse. You can use it in any way you like to 🙂
. Stylish and Unique!!

Approximate Measurement:
Small: (L at the widest) 16cm x (W) 6cm (H) 7.5cm
Medium:  (L at the widest) 19.5cm x (W) 7.5cm (H) 9.5cm

Materials used:
. 100% cotton from the USA and Japan
. Lined with white polka dots in red/beige 100% cotton from Japan
. Fully interfaced for durability and sturdiness
. Little watering can (small) / a lady (medium) charm
. Zip

. Spot clean or Hand-wash (recommended)
. Machine wash in laundry net (if needed)
. Light tumble dry
. Medium iron heat (avoid label)

Thank you for browsing and dropping by ! 🙂



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