look at me and say “cheese!!”

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted. We have been pretty busy with schooling,  home and also, other WIP projects that just occupied the day without leaving a little time for me to do some craft for the shop 🙂

Though I have made two clasp frame purses but I love them so much (you can’t blame me because I simply love the colors) that I haven’t posted them up for sale. Lovely and cheerful colors that make me smile every time I look at them….

Meanwhile, enjoy these cute fabric cameras which I had sew for my kids.. They enjoyed playing with them so much that made me happy. My girl even brought hers out to the library 🙂

Will try to post up these purses that I have made for sale soon (hope these purses will brighten up your day too) …

Have a lovely day!



One thought on “look at me and say “cheese!!”

  1. Hi,
    These are so cute! Are these cameras card holders with neck straps? I’m looking for something similar for my son’s ezlink card.
    Meantime, i so love your owls i want to have something made as a birthday treat to myself 🙂
    something small, 8card holder/wristlet/key pouch…
    Do write back, I am Sara. tmc54@pacific.net.sg


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