Clasp Frame Handbag (Quilted) ~ Apples a day

Quilted Clasp Frame Handbag ~ Apples a day
* SGD 39.90 * ~ SOLD ~

. I am attracted to this cute frame… and made one for the shop. I decided to use this fabric from the USA because I heart the vibrant colors of this apple farm and it looks so vintage 🙂
. I have tried putting in my squarish card organizer, pencil case, note book (not a big one) and some other stuff and they are neatly placed in… quite nice and spacious for daily stuff or a night out.
. The ruffles goes well with this bag too 🙂
. Great for a day out with friends, to function, as a lunch bag which I think is really nice and unique!
. Limited edition!!

Approximate Measurement:
(W) 29cm x (H) 21cm x (D) 7.5cm

Materials used:
. 100% cotton
. Lined with white polka dot in red cotton
. Padded with medium batting for a soft touch and durability
. Semi circle clasp frame

. Spot clean (recommended)
. Machine wash (in laundry net)
. Medium iron heat (avoid label)

Have a lovely day!


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