:: each unique piece …

Our day today is just like these purses, colorful!!

Every time, after making a custom order, I have that “oh! i want to keep this and that and…” 🙂

Sometimes, I would take longer than usual to complete a piece when ideas flow in and you want to make changes to the piece or an item is being halted due to new idea flows in and you want it out of your head! *bad i know*

I am pretty happy *though unwilling to part* when I wrapped each piece up because knowing that the other person who is receiving it will be happy too.

I don’t know how I got started with this frame purse but I simply fell in love when I first saw this at the craft store. The unique shape of it caught my eyes and yes! I am into two more of these ……All the poking, sore fingers after many attempts of trying to make the needle to go through the thick fabric, few broken and bent needles… BUT seeing the final product makes it all worthwhile 🙂

As I type this post, I am enjoying the beautiful music by my missy and my little man, he is trying to fix up a challenge without his sister’s help!

I enjoy this kind of moment, lovely! simply lovely!

I am going off now… ~jean.


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