:: pin cushion :: lovely deer and rabbit …

This was an impromptu project, I wasn’t prepared to make this at all. My fingers itched as i waited for the zips to dry *i dyed ’em*.

The result of the dyed zips are pretty good, the color didn’t run BUT I made the color too strong for the fabric that I used *.* So I have a mismatch of color now 🙂

Oh well, I used it still… can’t possibly put it aside and as my daughter and I discussed, we concluded that the color of the zip can be lighter 🙂

The good thing about hand embroidery is that you can bring it along with you and stitch… I brought mine downstair. Both grace and job had their fun scooting away while I had mine *fresh air is always good!*

I didn’t plan to make this into a pin cushion, all the more, a real big one measuring 7″ x 7″! I planned it to be a mini wall hanging quilt but as I changed the placement of the patchwork squares around, I also changed my mind and in the end, I LOVE this pin cushion very much that I haven’t listed it up to the shop yet.

I have way too many scraps lying around and it would be really good to use them, not all, I still have a lot…love the deer and the rabbit, …ooh… *can you hear the conversation between them?*

~ jean.


2 thoughts on “:: pin cushion :: lovely deer and rabbit …

  1. Hello Jean

    Sorry for the incomplete earlier comment. I really love the look of this pin cushion u make. I’m a mini fan of patchwork blanket and own a few of them at home though I’m hopeless with needles and threads!

    I was wondering if u be able to make a similar design into a typical ikea size cushion. May I know how much would u charge?


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