:: my mother’s day gift :: thankful!

This year, for the past 5 months, it has been a lot of sickness for us (me and the two children), in and out the clinic many times, high fevers, lack of sleep and all these put together did make me think of how my mum survived throughout those years when we (five of us) were young and me always falling sick. I don’t recall her showing her displease or temper due to lack of sleep.

I learn to appreciate my mum more after I become a mother myself and this year, I made her a simple lap quilt to keep her legs warm as she travels with my dad.

Totally love the hand stitching part of it as it is pretty therapeutic after a day of busyness.

She is a cheerful and elegant lady in my eyes. Why? because she has that special smile and calmness in her even when she is unwell. So, I chose all the colorful print and added a sweet red tulip fabric as the border, combining both to reflect what a wonderful mother she is to me.

As I had mentioned in my Facebook page that this lap quilt is not the most perfect one as there are flaws… but I hope she will use it and not keep it 🙂

* Just a short note to say how thankful I am to GOD, to friends and new friends who bought my handmade … words cannot describe the joy I have… thank you!!

Have a blessed weekend! ~jean.


2 thoughts on “:: my mother’s day gift :: thankful!

  1. Hi Jean, I’m Li Ching, Mayfong’s colleague. She may have mentioned to you that I want to get a blanket for my little boy of 18 months. I love patchwork and of course love your stuff. Just wondering how much does it cost for a toddler size quilt and do you have any ready made ones for me to see? Thank you.


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