:: lovelies.. aren’t they colorful?

Ever since, I become a mother, I love everything colorful! Yes, I used to have lots of black for my daily wear to work, but now, after staying home for 8 years, I love colors!

These put a smile to my face…. almost done, but not yet!

Each day passes by too fast and before I know it, it is end of the day, especially these few months. I think I have too many on my plate ~ driving practice took most of my time (twice a week) for about 3 hours, other than that, schooling (our priority), and come chores (shared among me and children) and then what I love to do ~ sewing!

“Slow down a bit!”, my heart says. But can my hands obey?? 🙂

Next is what I love most, embroidery by hand… it is quite therapeutic, I think I have mentioned this many times but it’s true. What I love best before I finished off an item is to have some form of hand stitching… it can be just a simple close-up using slip stitches or a simple name embroidery. It somehow completes the look and also, I-feel-satisfied after a long busy day *funny I am, I know*

Completed items? Next post! 🙂

Blessed day! ~jean.


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