:: Giveaway :: Strawberry Pincushions!

In the midst of busyness last week, I couldn’t help myself to these strawberries… Along the way, I was already thinking to myself, that I can bring this out if I am going for a craft lesson, leave the big ones at home, grab this and go! or pin one at my working board or maybe hang one around my bag……. many thoughts flowed in 🙂

They are just so cute and I have made more than what I need 🙂 So, I would like to giveaway some as an appreciation!!

pink-floral (left), beige-with-words (middle left), pink-white-floral (middle right), dark-green-floral (right), lighter-green-floral (missing from pic)

I have five and green is missing in these pictures…. green is one of my favorite color and YES! I have actually thought of keeping that for myself… but …. nope, I am willing to let go of it. However, I didn’t have time to take another picture… so we will leave that as a mystery green, okay?! 🙂  These cute pins are included too!


This is how this giveaway works:

1. “LIKE” this post here or at Facebook (http://facebook.com/jeanstitch)
2. Click on “SHARE” at Facebook for ONE additional opportunity.
3. Leave a comment to state which color you like. And also, I would love to hear what you intend to use this pincushion as.

This Giveaway ends on 25 May 2012 (Friday) at 23:59 Singapore time.

Winners will be announced on Monday (28 May 2012).

Edited: 5 more days seem long so I decided to close this giveaway on Wednesday, 23 May and Winners will be announced on Friday, 25 May 2012.

Have fun! ~jean.


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