:: Giveaway ended

Over the weekend, my children and I had drawn 5 participants for the giveaway of strawberry pincushions! YAY!

:: They had so much fun just picking out the names from the container, not knowing who they are and smiling and giggling so much reading out their names to me. Each of them drawn 1 winner randomly under each grouping! ::

And they are:

Pink Floral -> Susan Koh
Green Floral -> June Goh
Dark Brown Floral -> Cindy Chia
Pink White Floral -> Angeline Ng
Beige with Words (kitchen) -> HappyGrape2


Please leave me your home address via email: jeanstitch@gmail.com … thank you to all once again for participating this little giveaway!

We sure had fun along the way ~ drafting, cutting, stitching, and waiting to draw the winners till we have the winners now 🙂

Have a blessed monday! ~ ❤ jean.


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