:: needlebook! : twines and spools ::

I truly need to focus when I do things 🙂 Not sure about you?! I can sew halfway and went off to do another fun stuff when idea strikes….. like playing with the twines and spools .. or work on another totally new project just to satisfy my creative craving.. (I know it’s bad).

It has been fun playing around with twines and spools lately. Nope, I am not into scrapbooking but I cannot resist these cute little wooden spools and colorful twines. So, I laid hands on them. Even my children said that these are cute! Yes, I thought so too 🙂

When I first started sewing many years ago, needlebook was one of the first that I sew… made quite a few to give as Christmas gifts to friends. It was fun! but I stopped for a long while …

Few weeks back, I made another one after I made the large square pincushion which is still sitting in my cupboard and I like just looking at it 🙂 Plenty of scraps waiting to be used so cut and patched a few mini squares together 🙂 love it bright and cheery… perfect home for pins.

While making this, it brought back fond memories of how I made those before 🙂 Putting this aside, I am moving on to make fabric tags ….

:: still deciding if I should list this up for sale ::

Have a great wednesday! ~ ❤ jean.


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