Fabric Bookmarks! or Tags?

Pretty fabric bookmarks designed to add a little color to your book! Each has their own uniqueness 🙂

:: Heart shaped: vintage blue/vintage floral peach/red polka dot /vintage dainty floral light pink ~ SGD 13.90 each :: edited: they are all taken! * Thank you *

Each bookmark measures approximately W6.5cm by H11.5cm. Each of them are made with linen combining with floral cotton at the back. Heart shaped appliqué with a soft touch of ribbon with button. The word ‘love’ is being hand stitched on it 🙂

These bookmarks make great teachers gifts and are also great for kids who love to read (your little bookworm)! Perfect for your favorite book too.

:: And oh! if they get dirty over time, you can wash them too. I would recommend hand wash, just soak them using laundry detergent, wait for 5-10mins, target those dirty parts, rinse and hang dry ::

Have a lovely day! ~ ❤ jean.


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