:: it’s mid-week!

It’s Wednesday! I thought to myself yesterday that I had to complete this post before it get stuck in the draft box. Yes, it sure does and I still have one more in the draft box on tutorial.

It has been a busy week but we are liking it! Home front, we have been busy with schooling, little boy finally shown some interest in writing following the dots. Can’t sit or write for long but am thankful that he is putting his effort into it. He told me “mummy, i don’t like to write” I asked “why?” “because it is boring!” Wow! writing and learning is boring to him. I asked again, “so what interest you?” “i like to play”.

Grace is trying to work on her patchwork pieces after a busy day working on her workbooks. She is making a doll quilt! I left her to work on these after letting her know how-to do it. She managed to piece these 2.5″ of squares together and broke one needle in the process. She sounded worried but that’s all right, mummy broke countless of needles too!

Sewn an album sleeve for a little girl, love the cheery color of this pink with owl and his friends.

This piece [log cabin square quilt] took me a while to complete but am delighted that it is finally done and is now hanging just opposite my room.

Patching this together is not difficult, it is pretty therapeutic in fact and fun. Try this if you know how to sew. Being a homeschooling mum, every stitching minute is so precious to me. But it is so relaxing at the same time because it somehow help my brain to settle down a bit though thinking of which fabric goes with what and the pattern or design of the item does use some brain cell too. HA! contradicting, isn’t it? 

I love the look of hand quilting so after every pieces had been pieced together, I usually would (or most of the time) hand stitched using embroidery threads. I remember that I used to ‘run’ away from task like this when I first got started due to impatient (as I want to see it-immediately-kind of) but soon realized that in order to have nice proper piece that is dear to the heart, I have to put in extra effort and it is all worth it when it’s done!

Have a lovely day! ~ jean.


2 thoughts on “:: it’s mid-week!

    1. Hi June,
      Thank you 🙂 yes I remember my grandma had sewn one for me and my sister. But we are not sure where it is now after many rounds of moving houses when we were young 😦 so making these blankets (whether it’s big or small) make me happy 🙂


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