embroidery and more embroidery!

Today is a special day because it is my mother’s birthday! * Blessed birthday, Mum!! *

This month passes by pretty soon and we are also looking forward to August πŸ™‚ First visit to MAAD this coming Friday. A retreat coming up. Birthdays of both my parents in-law.

A little bit on MAAD this friday, it’s at Red Dot Museum from 5pm to 12 midnight. I will be selling some of my handmade there, a craft session [embroidery coaster] if there are sign ups, if not, I will be happily going around the place to look at other handmade by other talented crafters πŸ™‚

Hope to see you there and if you are there, don’t forget to drop by to say hi!

Of late, I have been doing some simple embroidery and patched them with scraps that I have in the basket. These are a joy to work at πŸ™‚

It took me a few days to decide which fabric to use. I wanted it more bright and cheerful at the same time, I love anything in floral so yes! a little floral too!

The little owl is an impromptu piece. Wasn’t planned on embroidering it but thought, hey, why not? since I love owl! Glad that it turned out lovely. πŸ™‚

I have been looking at a lot of mushrooms lately over at the fb and I have even contemplating ordering a few for both my children and their friends to grow their own mushrooms and learn it like a science project. Out came a mushroom house πŸ™‚

Our days are mostlyΒ mix with lots of reading, play, library time, school work, chores and sewing when little boy takes his nap. It is sweeter when I see them like this with load of reminders to be kind to one another.

Cut out some hexagons and my hands are itching to make them into something pretty. Not a lot of time today to do it as I need to work on some of the WIP projects and get them out this week *hopefully* and MAAD is coming up so.. off I go now! * making some coin pouches – this is to satisfy my creative urge as it comes, are you like me too? *

Have a lovely day ahead! ~ jean πŸ™‚


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