:: pretty little things!

I am not a scrapper but I love pretty little tapes and stuff. 🙂 My daughter and I are amazed with what these simple pretty tapes can do and the end result of what my daughter has done during her free time today was these cards in different shapes. {great idea, Rachel!}

A busy week has gone by so quickly last week. Went to a craft fair at MAAD and had a good experience meeting with people and also met some of the talented crafters that I got to know online but never met in person. Towards the later part of the night, the music played was pretty too loud for my liking. I would prefer a more softer music in the background. That would be lovely so that I can speak properly to the people I met without having to yell at the top of my voice.

My sewing table is now neatly packed as I won’t be sewing for the next few days but there are so many projects going-on and I can’t wait to finish them so that I could start on the project which I have been waiting to do 🙂

:: Planning something next week as my little online store turns two!! ::

Meanwhile, have a blessed and great long weekend ahead!!

❤ jean.


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