:: Handmade on Sale :: Custom Order Notice

*** Thank you for your great support!! Please be informed that I won’t be taking in any custom order these two months till further notice ***

These handmade are on special till end of August to celebrate Jean Stitch’s 2 years.

Every piece has their own uniqueness and is great as gift to loved ones, friends or simply yourself 🙂

Tissue and Zipper Pouches ~ SGD17.90 ~ W13.5cm H10.5cm

Waterproof Coin Pouches (Badtz Maru / Rilakkuma) ~ SGD12.90 ~ W11cm H9cm

Small Tote Bags ~ (Beige) SGD25.90  (Blue) SGD27.90  ~ W22cm H23cm

Waterproof Patchwork Hand Embroidered Zipper Pouches
~ (Little Owl / Mushroom HomeSGD28.90 ~ W23cm H18cm

Have a lovely weekend! ~ jean.


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