:: lovely outing and some pretty little things

It has been a while we last visited East Coast Park. First time for the boy, not sure about the husband though as we have never been there on our own. I brought G there before with my parents and that was few years back.

Time is precious on the weekends serving in the Children Ministry and we are happy with that as serving while we can now is better than when we want to but our flesh is weak.

We are thankful to be out and do something different when the daddy took leave on a weekday!

After 30 minutes of heavy downpour, we were given a perfect weather to cycle. An answered prayer to my little J.

He said a little prayer to God requesting Him to stop the rain and give us a sunny weather 🙂

He even exclaimed to his sister not to talk as he was praying to God (when she interrupted him abruptly without realising that he was praying). I know we should not laughed but his expression was funny with frowned eye brows and looking really serious!

Such child-like faith is something we, adults, are learning daily to have and to rely fully on God.

Rented some bikes and we even met a mommy blogger and her boys there. We had fun and children came back with tiny bruises on their legs 🙂

Last week, while away from home, I didn’t do much sewing, just managed to cut out some fabric and was planning to make some rounded dresden plates but changed my mind in the end and ended up with a pointed ones.

Am still working on it (in the midst of other customized orders) but has yet come to a conclusion what to make it into. Maybe a small coin pouch or coaster? Still thinking about it ….

Plenty to do and little time so I better get going to spend some time with children before holidays end and we will be back to books again, having to say that, we (or rather I am) are actually looking forward to a new schooling schedule and also activities we will be doing 🙂

Some recent favorites:

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Have a great day and till the next post! ♥ Jean


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