Making time ….

Our days have been full, where at some days I didn’t have the time to do proper sewing and I am missing my machine. I have got this itch to make patchwork lap quilt but at this moment, I only managed to do a simple smaller patchwork.

What have we been doing? We have been kept busy (still is) since the beginning of the year.

The endless marking of worksheets and teaching the kids can be quite overwhelming. But hey! if we don’t work hard now, how can we relax and have more fun at year end. All right, I know I’m thinking a bit far.

Other than being busy with schooling we are doing great! Thankful for the time we get to spend together and the endless reminding of what gets done and what’s not with the kids.

Thankful (though tiring) for the endless input and output the minute we are all awake with kids countless talking and asking questions. I look forward to my quiet time in the afternoon where I get to work on my projects.

Glad that my 8.5yr old girl and I get to spend a little bit more time in the kitchen cooking dinner. She has a willing heart who is not afraid of fire, the heat and the splashing of oil. G feedback the other day that though cooking is not easy, but it’s fun! *smile* Yup! I got addicted to making tiramisu. I don’t drink coffee but am addicted to make and eat this sweet dessert though a bit fattening, it is easy to make. I couldn’t resist not digging into some when my sugar level was low.

Back to G, I can still remember her expression when she first handled the prawns. Peeling off the shells from head to tail and cutting them up to remove the black stuff (we called it the poop). She has that yikes-look. Haha! Who can blame her? I began like that too when I was much older than her. I, too, has that “eeew, can I not do this, mum?” The slimy feeling is, erm, a bit too much. But looking back, I am thankful for my mum who patiently impart her cooking skill and teaching us (me and my sisters) how to clean up these seafood.

Happy that I can to do a bit more of sewing after a busy year-end last year and beginning of the new year that set me back a bit. Inspiration is getting back slowly and lots of projects on-hand to complete. *Thank you for not ‘chasing’ me and bearing with me!*

Am so looking forward to start working on them. Recently, I have worked on a coffee table quilt and it was finally completed and now laid nicely on the table. Used the airmail bias tape as the binding. Lovely!

Making these colorful tiny squares made me smile. Love the cherries, the flowers and the colors. Wasn’t sure of what to make them into initially but I have completed one of them after much pondering.

I like how inspiration just flows in and as I went along, it turned out pretty cute. Hopefully my next post will be on these completed pouches 🙂 Blessed day! ♥ jean


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