Under the weather + Busy

The weather is changing so are we 🙂 For the past one week or so, we have been nursing from cold and a bad flu. Thankfully, we are all well now with minor cough and phelgm.

Look how happy these two were when we visited Garden by the Bay.

Looking at their funny expressions made me laugh (even now!). It was our first time to the two domes and we were quite impressed with what we had seen. Kids were especially happy running here and there.

{The Flower Dome}

{Cloud Forest}

Since the beginning of the year, schooling has taken up (still is) plenty of my time. I miss sewing, I do. At the same time, I am glad to be able to do schooling with them and not merely staying home to take care of the house and them. There are times that can be quite challenging as coaching the little boy can be tough.

However, making something pretty made my day happy! Using this fabric is totally out of what I like though is still floral but having something oriental never crosses my mind until I laid hands on these beautiful fabric.

I must say oriental fabric changes my view and I am beginning to like them. Frankly, I love this one and wanted to keep it for myself after making it for a friend 🙂 I even resorted in bargaining with her telling her that I am keeping it! haha!

Made these two flex frame purses for a while now but yet to find the time to put them up for sale. Do you like patchwork? I do! very much in fact. Seeing these little squares being pieced together is therapeutic and calming. Sewing with inspiration is less stressful than to follow a pattern.

I love to keep fabric, I realised. *oops!* While in Korea, I stopped at a fabric store and found these pretty little things and fabric! Can’t bear to cut into them but again, while I decided to make something with them and as I cut, I was really careful not to waste any fabric. I am silly, I know.

These are gifts for my loved ones! *hope they like it*

Have a great day!  ♥ jean.


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