life gets busy…

Sometimes life is super busy but at the same times I don’t feel like getting anything done. Can I? NO!!

Endless papers and worksheets to mark, many hours spent on making sure the little ones especially the boy in understanding the concept of addition and letting him explore the sum himself and do them without intervention. Ears and eyes are like hawk making sure that bad attitudes don’t form and go by without teaching and disciplining (if need be). Morning devotion is a must because it will set the right track in our daily handling and interaction with each other. Whispering small prayers through the day makes us depend on God more and not on ourselves (having said that, it doesn’t means that we don’t work hard, we have to do our duty too).

My kids love outdoor and being out there make them happy. So do I! They had a lovely day at the park last Thursday morning. The park was so quiet and the cycling path was almost empty and they were free to roam over to the other lane.

What is Joy? To me, Joy is seeing how my kids grow everyday! And what about them? Their joy is to be able to eat their favorite hotdog bun in the morning and play their favorite toys.  😀

Another of my joy is to wrap up the handmade with lovely twines, washi tape, vintage tag before posting them out.

Not done yet… here is another one – Cutting some lovely fabric on a quiet morning and making them into something chic. Will post more of what was made using this fabric and few of other fabric that I have chosen. Soon!

What did I make with these? These are chinese water chestnuts (also known as Eleocharis Dulcis). Crispy. Crunchy. And we love to chopped these up and mixed them together with minced meat, diced prawns, diced spring onion and make them into Chinese Dumplings.

Kids love them.

I am glad that they do because it makes the cooking easier. Started a new week but it’s already mid-week now! Things are happening at a rapid speed and there isn’t enough time for everything. Some just come first. Some just has to wait.

Have a lovely day!  ♥ jean

A verse for this week:
Matthew 5:11 (KJV) “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”


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