Chic Phone-n-Cards Pouches

It was lovely making these chic pouches. Mixing and matching the fabric was time consuming yet the most enjoyable part of sewing. Next, choosing the zip to match each decided fabrics followed by, cutting the pattern and, sewing them together. Finally, clipping the stud buttons onto the pouch and checking the handmade to make sure that they are all right šŸ™‚

Kept them with me for a about 1 week before deciding to launch them this month ~ April!


Because it’s my birthday month and I would like to share the joy with all by giving a little treat !!!

Original: S$32.90
: S$30.90 (all SOLD)

These are approximately W15.5cm by H10.5cm and it fits iPhone 5 (with thin casing) made from mixture of blended linen and cotton with zip pocket and closure with stud buttons. Some may vary slightly in size. Hand-wash recommended.

Drop me a mail if any of these caught your eyes!

Have a lovely day!Ā ā™„ jean.


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