Steggie, the Stegosaurus (aka Spikey)

His name is called Spikey! My boy named it because of its spikes. He loves it and been hugging it to sleep, to play, everywhere in the house. He was funny enough to bring it to church last Tuesday. He asked the sister to pack it into his backpack and off he went!

In the midst of our busy schedule, my oldest flipped through the many sewing books I have and concluded that she will sew a dino for her brother… ohh.. I am surprised by her request because I thought she wants to make a doll for herself.

While choosing the fabric, it dawned on me that she took a bit of time (like me) to mix and match. But am glad that she did that with care and asking opinions of which fabrics are good. Wanted a blue dino but can’t find a matching fabric so green it will be!

The process of making was even funnier when she wanted it as a surprise for her brother, so we try to keep him out of the room, but I think he somehow knew it because he kept coming over to check on us. So, while she laid the paper pattern over the fabric and cut, I tried to occupy the little boy. When she started to sew the spikes, he immediately knew what we were trying to do, asking alot of questions. “Is this a dinosaur?” “Is this mine?” “Who is this for?” …..

Imagine us trying to distract him with other stuff and avoiding his questions, trying not to burst the bubble while sewing this steggie up! haha! A good experience for her. I helped her a bit especially attaching the spikes on steggie’s body and its soles. It takes a bit of experience as steggie’s body is rounded at the top and those tiny areas at the soles.

What I see in this whole steggie’s making process is a little girl who love her brother very much eventhough they squabbles alot too, each with their own opinions trying to come together to make it work, but in the process, are those loud, ungentle, sometimes unkind words. She patiently stuff those polyester fillings into the tiny hole at steggie’s tail while seated on a small wooden chair. I am contented!

It’s weekend and tomorrow it’s sports day for them, while I get some time in the morning to catch up on other projects. I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

♥ jean.


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