to catch some beautiful moments


Taking a break to catch some beautiful moments with my family next week. Every moment every day, I have been trying to catch hold of time to do more things at home with my children, more pretty handmade, more of everything but time just doesn’t wait for me. It just fly! Every year, we will look forward to June to spend some quality time together as family and also feeding ourselves with spiritual food.

The month of June seems to be the busiest month for us, well, at least I overestimated myself thinking that I can catch up on projects but… we are always on the go.

Few more days to the trip! We are all getting excited. In the midst of packing, a dress was refashioned into a skirt. I’m happy that she likes it because she happily took it out from her luggage and shown it to her father late Tuesday night.

refashioned1 refashioned2

Thank you for all the lovely comments and likes over at the facebook and all the special requests *love to see requests coming in* 🙂

Till the next post, bye! ~jean.


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