A grateful heart

What keeps you going when you feel down, tired and no me-time? Many things not done, chores piling up, weather not good to go, schooling not going too well, children up to their playful mode, not able to do things you enjoy and many more.

I thank God for His word as I always see new meaning to it. Always refreshing. As I typed this we are doing fine, no worries, a random thought of self pity can be quite scary as it is destructive because we fail to see God’s goodness with a grateful heart.

Sometimes, I grumbled when my children are not focusing while schooling, my son lazy mode when it comes to doing his work. I failed to see that it is an opportunity for me to teach and apply God’s word into their lives. Yes, my day at home with my children is busy and at times overwhelming but I thank God for every little things that come along as I walked each day with His word.

Psalm 118:1 KJV
O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.

Thankful for a great short trip over the weekend with closed friends. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. No great photos on food and places that we went to but plenty of beautiful photos of us! *these are just a few*

Love this photo at Citypoint Hotel! This hotel is not high rise nor big but it is very cosy and comfortable. Hotel is one year old, affordable, clean, rooms are spacious, bed is superb, and home breakfast styles. When we drew our curtains we saw this sight but really we enjoyed this small hotel very much. It is about 5-7 mins walk to Asok station where you will find big shopping malls and travel to places conveniently by their local sky train also known as BTS.


The last dinner in Bangkok was the most unforgettable! As we sat down, ordering our food, we smelled fresh cooling air coming our way, stall workers started to pull the big waterproof sheets over the diners’ heads and before we can truly settled down for a nice street-side food, it poured heavily!

We were again, thankful as we sat right in the middle of the shelter with no major problem whereas others who sat nearer to the road or where the intersection of the two waterproof sheets, were not protected. They were drenched. Droplets of rain came through a little bit from the tiny holes above us. We were lighthearted trying to protect our food that came. We ate them as quickly as we could while trying to savor ’em.

Photo not very well taken due to rain and night time but we had an enjoyable one!! Till the next post.



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