the ruffle dress

Remember this dress? I think some of you who read my facebook page knows about this dress. Well, sadly after the second wash, my dress (fabric from Yuwa collection) shortened. I made it to be below my knees but it went up! Thankfully, it didn’t shrunk too much at the side, if not, I won’t be able to fit in 🙂


Those who knows, I used airmail bias tape to sew around the sleeves holes and also at the hem. It was perfect till it shortened. Argh!!!


So, after a few more washes since then, the dress’ hemline is above my knees. Well, I must say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a dress or skirt that falls above your knees. It is just ME! I am not used to it because when I sit down, I have to make sure that I am not expose and dresses or skirts that are at or below my knees give me that assurance, at least for me. I procrastinated for a while and yesterday night, I decided that I should not delay. I had a late night sewing before I sent this dress to wash this morning 😛


I added a ruffle around the hemline of the dress and here it is! I actually love the outlook of the dress even more than before. And YES! it is now below my knees *happy* I should have done it earlier 😛

You can add-on pretty cotton or those webbed laces, nice trims or maybe a contrasting fabric to the hemline, but I stick to the same fabric! heh! Not so adventurous when it comes to late night sewing as you never know what the dress will become when you look at it again the next day 😀

Last check before I post this up: Washing done, and I took a quick check to see if it has shortened at the ruffle. Seems good!  🙂

A thought came to mind yesterday as I cut into this fabric, a dress (similar to mine) for missy? Will see.

Enjoy your day! ♥, jean.


2 thoughts on “the ruffle dress

    1. Thanks Agy! You have said it.. yes i thought so too after sewing the ruffle.. before that it was like incomplete. A ruffle or any add-on makes a great different I feel 😀


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