Same dress as mummy!?


A dress for missy. It was completed last week, and I haven’t had the time to blog about it yet. Using the same pattern as her previous dress that I made, I resized the top bodice and changed the second half to a gathered skirt. Attached both together and we absolutely love the combination!

dress-grace1-4 dress-grace1-2

My girl is skinny and I stubbornly feel that she will grow side way to fill up the dress so didn’t make it exactly her size unlike the previous dress which fits her perfectly. My bad! So, I ended up with attaching two ‘strings’ for her to tie it up into a ribbon 🙂


Lovely yellow butterfly which my husband bought them for me when he went to the US last year or is it this year? Ooops i forgot!! Oh well, for a busy mother, I think I can be pardoned for being forgetful. Can I, love? 🙂dress-grace1-5 flower-grace1-2I find the upper bodice a bit plain so here comes the gathered flower brooch to the rescue!! Do you like it with or without the big flower? 🙂  I have started on some other projects (to satisfy my craving to try on new stuff) which I find starting is easy but difficult to end it…. I procrastinate. But hey! I have other more important projects which I have started and need to be completed soon, will work on those first. I suppose mine can wait 😛


♥, jean


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