Kelong Acheh

After about two months of hiatus from writing, I am a little rusty here. But before everything gets really outdated, I thought I better post this up even with little writing than no write up at all.

We went with a group of CMC children last Thursday for a night stay over at Kelong Acheh, located at the coast of Penyabong (north of Mersing, Johor). We took off as early as 7am to Church as a bus will be picking us up for the trip. However, due to some miscommunication with the bus driver that comes from Johor, we waited till 9am before we departed to our destination. Nevertheless, the excitement and joy overcame all the waiting and we had a great breakfast fellowship at the nearby coffeeshop.

We reached the jetty at Mersing at about 1pm, waited for the bump boats that took us in two batches to the Kelong located about 500m to 1km out.


My daughter went up the boat without us but she was taken care of safely in the hand of God and friends who took the boat with her.


How does she feels going across the sea without us and her brother but with her friends? She said she was very scared but am glad that she was all right and all happy greeting us when we arrived at the dock, acting like a little host of the place! She brought us to our hut where we will be sleeping at night, shown to us our beds and also telling us where the toilets were πŸ™‚


That was the jellyfish we saw floating in the sea. The children were all excited seeing it as they fished. They caught many fishes but we don’t know whether the fishes were fried for us to be taken with the delicious nasi lemak or back into the sea? I didn’t ask πŸ™‚


These collages were from my husband as I didn’t manage to take much photos of the children and adults having fun fishing their afternoon away. I was busy in action too!, not fishing but looking out as they had fun (read: you know, trying to make sure they were ok).

20130918-111813.jpgThe top left picture was taken on Thursday’s night after dinner, we were going to have our night devotion, it wasn’t as windy as in the afternoon (we had thought that it was going to rain heavily but it didn’t, surprisingly) and the sea was tranquil and quiet. It was dark and the only lights that we had was from the kelong. We sang praises to God for safety, for the blessings, for the fun, and many more. But the weak me was feeling a little bit cold and hugged on to my jacket. Concluded that I wasn’t feeling that well already as even my little man didn’t need a jacket >.<



Those blue huts in the middle are the toilets. Well ventilated and no creepy crawlies that I dislike. But one thing, we noticed was that whatever that was out from you will go into the sea where fishes feed. Sound gross!? That’s nature. But the water we used from the tap is clean as they piped in fresh water from the mainland πŸ™‚



Can’t resist not taking a pic with my little man! My missy was hard to catch hold off that day as she was seen running and enjoying herself with her friends so no pic of her with me πŸ™‚20130916-135821.jpg20130916-135829.jpg

We slept (on beds) through the night and I woke at 6am the next morning to a fresh cool air. Love it!! No mosquitoes but there were few bees and hornets flying around but didn’t really disturb us though the adults were more disturbed by ’em as they enjoyed the sun, sea and wind πŸ™‚

After morning devotion on Friday, we left for home at around 10am and the children were a little bit relunctant to go. Some said, “Let’s stay for 5 days for the next trip”. πŸ™‚

Thank God for the blessed trip!



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