I L.O.V.E Coasters

It has been a month (I think) that I made this coaster. Ever since then, it is placed on the coffee table and everytime I walked past it, I enjoyed looking at it. Definitely one of the handmade that I absolutely love it.  Contemplating making another one but I simply have no time now to even cut the fabric.


However, I enjoyed making something else when my brain capacity is full, when I am too tired after a day of labour, or when I am not too well, I tend to make something else quietly into the night.


While searching for some photos on my laptop, I came across these dresden plates coasters that were made a year or two ago. Totally enjoyed the quiet time into the night after the kids went to bed to make these.

coaster-dresdenplate1-1coaster-dresdenplate1dresdenplatecoasterdresdenplatecoaster2I may revisit the dresden plates one of these days, soon, I hope. I have problem staying focus at night when I get some time to do sewing because I have plenty of things that I want (plus need) to sew. When I wasn’t feeling too well a week to two ago, after flipping through the Farmer’s Wife Quilt book, I started to mix and match some fabric to make some easy blocks. I chose three blocks which I thought are easier to make.


{Autumn Tints}


{Big Dipper}


{Evening Star}


I cut these fabric which I hoard on for some time, sigh (I shouldn’t be hoarding) so I am using them now. Been thinking if I should make them into coasters too or a mini quilted blanket… it is taking me so long to decide and I am still deciding. Argh!!!

Till I know what I want to make them into, they are now ‘resting’ in the cupboard. {Quick, help me think, what should I make them into?} At the meantime, I will look for more ideas which also mean more flipping of craft books at night and surfing online when I can.

~ ♥ jean


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