I am thankful

Looking back, I feel that recent years had gone by in the twinkling of an eye, especially last year. Before we realized it, Christmas came and went, New Year came and now, we are into the 3rd day of 2014.

Soon, Chinese New Year will come and go, what have or had we achieved in the past year. As we spent some time to do up two bookcases last December, we get to spend some family time together that Saturday, a rare day where we get to spend it at home and not outside. As I wiped away the dust on those photo frames we had on top of the cabinet, on the walls and on the existing bookcases, I realize how much my children have grown and how time flies without waiting.

From a tiny baby to a fine young lady and soon, she will be in her teen! My heart sort of cringed. She has been (and still is) a blessing to us in many ways and the time we spent together as mother and daughter has been wonderful with ups and downs, stepping onto each other’s toes, teaching and guiding, praying together, teaching her God’s word and will in her life as she walks each day fearing Him, schooling together, cooking simple dishes and the many wonderful moments we have had with one another. I am thankful.

Five years ago, a little baby named Job came into our life bringing much joy and tears as we watched him grow from a baby to a reckless, fearless, and a lovely little boy. We love his chubbiness, his gaze is so gentle and loving, his love for his sister yet playful scaring her with those fake rubbery super big sized insects send her to tears. Remorseful thereafter and gave her a big big hug saying sorry. When he was told that he was wrong and should not be doing something like that which is unkind and how his sister felt sad for him that his favorite ‘insect’ was being put away and never play with it anymore, moved him to tears and feeling really sorry for his actions. He will hugs us half crying and half grateful that he gets to keep his toy. We are loving him so much and I am thankful.

The head of the household is a tough man who works really hard to keep the family going. A loving husband, caring and playful father, a man who fear and serve God and that is what I like about him most. He plays a supporting role in our homeschooling journey as he works but he never fail to give encouragement when I feel tired, giving advices of how certain things need to be done in our schooling, as when I do not know how to resolve certain math problem sums, he comes to the rescue and is always able to do it, which make both kids admire him even more. I am, again, thankful.

Three years ago, I started a hobby turn into a small online business which amazingly turns out well, I thank God. It is never by my own strength or wisdom how to go about it and making lovely things out of my own hands. Never thought of that before I stay home 10 years ago. Never look back since then though when time is hard, God never fail to provide for us. As this year is a special year for us (Grace will be taking a formal mini exam from the MOE coming Sept), I am putting my hobby-business on hold for a short time. I am thankful and grateful for all the overflowing orders that come along the way when I so needed them, but I think spending a little bit more time with my dear little girl this year to prepare her for this mini exam is equally important and is my first priority. I am not stopping in stitching (I love sewing too much to stop completely) but more of making things at my own pace exploring new ideas, new handmades and some special request(s) that may comes in.

The year 2013 has been a fruitful and blessed year for me in every aspect of my life, and I thank God for allowing me to live for another day so that I can continue to teach and guide my little ones to HIM for we know not when our time on earth will be up and be gone. It is important to us that we make sure of their salvation before the Lord comes again. Death gives no respect to anyone regardless who you are, it comes anytime without prior notice, therefore, we should not waste time waiting to know God.

Have a blessed weekend!



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