my boy..


This nasal decongestant is pretty good (I find). When my little ones can’t sleep well at night (affected by a blocked or runny nose), I will drip it into their nose. In fact, I just did two nights ago, but it didn’t take effect! I was wondering why but didn’t pay too much attention to it. However, I think I know why now! 😦

Not because the product is bad or expired but just because my dear son saw that it was empty and filled it up with water!!!  So what I dripped into his nose was purely tap water. Sigh. How did I find out? I caught him in the act of filling it this morning. Went over calmly and he told me everything that he did. Am I angry?? 😐 I hugged him, told him I knew why it didn’t relieve his nose and we had a good laugh!  Sometimes we need to relax a little bit.

~ Jean.


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