My April (yes! mine) before it ends …

Before it’s officially over, I celebrated my birthday, a year older and wiser (prayerfully). At the age of 40, I am still feeling the excitement of friends and families celebrating my birthday. It was fun (with surprises!), heartwarming (so many messages that came through from Facebook and sms-es that warmed my heart), a special cake made by a dear friend (she is talented, very!), and lots of fond memories. I am thankful for all those blessings that happened in my life.


Do you like presents? I do!! It doesn’t really matter what it is (it’s the thought that counts). For me, I enjoy receiving and opening presents. It makes the day special. So, I have been planning what birthday presents to make before the day comes (not for myself, but for sister, sister in-law and friends who share the same birthday month as I !). The color they might like, the design of the gift. “Will they like the design?” “Will it be useful to them?” the list goes on…


As a family, we travelled to Penang, a place where as a child, I had been there once with my grandpa. We were so young then, but I remembered the fond memories we had, especially the photos we took on the bridge. As far as I can recall, bringing my parents out for a trip, it was my first. My parents and I went to France before returning to England to attend my graduation (that was many years ago). After that, life has been busy looking for a job, working hard, and came marriage, we didn’t really get the opportunity to travel out again. It was really a blessing to be able to spend four days under the same roof in Penang. We stayed at an apartment (with beautiful sea view) instead of the hotel so that we can wake up seeing one another, chit chat over breakfast time, saying good night before turning in. All these seem simple yet, we lead such busy lifestyles that takes away simple joy. It was a fun and happy trip though we didn’t really explore much of Penang but my mum and I get to chat a lot. Our stories stop here and there, some half way and we talked about something else not related to what we began with and we enjoyed it! 😀

Just a few days ago, while we were having lunch at home, hubby said that he, too, was thankful to be able to take leave from work for the week. It was a good break for him too.

The kids had a good bonding time with him. He took over the looking after them while we were out. What did we do there? Hubby and the kids went for sea sport. They rode on a jet ski and had so much fun while we stayed around having our morning tea by the beach. He, also took them to the Butterfly Farm, I am afraid thus the task of bringing the kids in went to the brave daddy! 🙂


Next stop was, shopping at Gurney Drive. Mum and I bought the same things except different sizes and color (oh! Did I tell you that mum and I love shopping when we were younger?) 🙂 We stayed slightly longer there for their famous local food. The food stalls open around 6-6:30pm till midnight. I, especially, like the Penang Laksa, and fried Kway Teow, while my dad looked at all the stalls there and came back with some food (not all, phew!). I am so glad that he enjoyed the food there.

We also went to the Graffiti streets, but the weather was killing us! Other than drowning ourselves with plenty of water, sunblock, hat and sunglasses, I was looking for shades. These artists who drew these cute and lovely pictures on the wall are really talented. They look so real! We covered almost all of them.


This trip brought to us many fond memories as mum was talking about it when we last met up back home. 🙂 Can feel her joy and contentment that she has and I am feeling really contented too.

Almost forgot to mention that we rented a car from and it served us very well. The car we rented was in good condition and no hiccups throughout the trip. I would recommend for families who like to travel with ease, without waiting for public transport and to be able to travel on your own looking at the map for directions (especially with the elderly), it is a good option, if you are not staying in town area.

Upon reaching home, it also ended our fun, relax mood and back to our normal routines. Back to schooling where engines tend to start rather slowly but catching up after a week. The older one is manageable, but the little one is more challenging as he has a total opposite of a character when it comes to study time. So, it was more coaching from me and daydreaming from him after a few hours. I told myself many times, not to give up on this little boy, who probably is a late-bloomer, that’s all.


IMG_20140314_095953 IMG_20140314_102232 IMG_20140321_103247 IMG_20140331_175914 IMG_20140402_112427 IMG_20140421_094347

On the stitching side, it has been really fun and calming to make something during night time when the kids are sleeping. I treasure the night very much now that the day was spent more on kids, their schoolwork and home front. But there are times where I just want to flip through books (to get some inspirations), surf the net and not do anything. So, things do get delayed because I procrastinate.


I am working on two Bible covers, one is almost complete while the other is 30% done. Won’t be able to make it into this month post, but am excited to show you when done!

Bye! 🙂


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