sweet dreams little ones



It is my heart’s desire to sew more for my growing kids. Though I see them every single day for 24hrs but it is hard to notice that they are growing taller unless I looked at their clothings. The girl’s dresses and skirts, the boy’s shirts and pants are all getting shorter 🙂 These pillowcases are not difficult to sew, but it still took me a while to complete them. Initially armed with more exciting ideas and inspiration to work on something more complicated, but the idea was scrapped. In the meantime, I am planning a tutorial so I will target that exciting idea later. (Hope it will be soon, ha!)



The boy is very proud of his pillowcase and insisted that his is the nicest (he said, “That’s ME!”) while the girl is equally pleased with hers (she said, “I LIKE that handbag!”). So, I am the happiest mum today! 😀


After many weeks of delay, I am glad and happy that I have completed them and moving onto another project. Sweet, sweet dreams to you both, little ones!! 

p.s. A tutorial is coming up, hopefully, soon. Have a great week ahead! ♥ jean


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