Blessed Camp | Basil Seeds


• Day 1 (24 Jun) • Kids planted these basil seeds yesterday, both claiming to be the owner just because they did the set up, seed and water. Hope the seeds will grow in 5-10 days’ time. *The papa is not too hopeful about it tho.


We had a busy month this June. We were looking forward to June in May but before we realize it,  this week is the last week of June and we need to start our engines for schooling soon.

We had a blessed week at camp last week. Messages (the Camp theme was “Be Discerning” | Hebrews 5:14) delivered by our Pastor was good. Reviving and made me ponder for a while about what was delivered and how to apply in our daily life. Fellowship time was awesome! Rekindled the love for volleyball and I am planning to get one for myself after not playing for so long since school days.

*gasp* We are already making plans to play on the Saturdays that I don’t have CMC duty and hopefully we are able to sustain it (and not what the Chinese say, 3-minutes passion) since we are moms and many things on hand to do and kids are always with us. 🙂 Will see…

In camp, my children enjoyed their time with their friends too. I see how my little girl grows and this year, she served as a pianist for the nursery and happily practicing her pieces before camp starts. She gets to enjoy her short time with the nursery children and her papa before she regrouped with her friends from her level. *well done, Gracie! *

This year, my son also would like to ‘abandon’ his mom and sit with his friends, but I didn’t allow as I think he would spend his time playing and chatting instead of eating properly (maybe next year, God willing, Son). However, he requested to get his own food which I allowed and he was happy. I’m thankful that both children were enjoying their time at camp and generally good, however, there were some issues which we had to settle for the boy who was playful and rough. But I am glad that the teachers were so patience and firm with him (辛苦你们了).

Heartfelt thanks to the teachers for all that they had done for the little children.

This year, what makes me treasure church camp more was that, my parents came with us. It was kind of unexpected when we invited them, but we thank God, He made it possible. It is our prayers that our parents will, one day, be saved after hearing the gospel. Hoping and praying that next year they will come too.



Some random thoughts before camp starts were, “Who is going to help me take care of my potted plants?”, “What am I going to do if no one is able to water them?”, “Maybe I should do the greenhouse effect to see if they survived”, “Maybe cutting some and place them in the water and when I am back, I have new plants, if these were to die”, blah blah blah, the list goes on. I, actually, have been thinking about it since the day we signed up for camp. Getting help from my siblings is the best option but I think they had enough of taking care of my parents’ plants 😄 as they will be away with us and was having a hard time looking after them (already) so didn’t want to add on to their burdens.

What came up next about plants was unexpected (at a vigil service), couldn’t remember what was our conversation, but sister Li Siah and I were talking about going away and plants. She gave me a smile and offered to ask her helper to water them for me. I am so thankful to her and her kindness. A bit strange to talk about such thing at the vigil service, but I accepted her kindness immediately. *Thank you, Sister Li Siah!*

Came back from camp and not knowing what the helper likes, I thought of many other things, but concluded that she may likes an apron and will be able to use it often, it was sewn that day before I went to pick up my plants. *Thank you again, Stella*

So many things to be thankful about that it’s getting a little too long. Thus, am signing off now… till the next post.



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