:: My little girl’s blanket

Just recently, I get to complete the second blanket for Missy. Yes, her second blanket (after more than half a year) from mommy. Oops.. How about the boy? (You must be thinking!) Soon, soon… on the way. He has been asking about his too, and was quick to select his fabric choice when I asked him last week. *mummy better not sit on it for too long (a reminder to self)*

I was determined to finish the project as it has been lying there on the rack for a long time and it’s really not nice to see it covered with dust. So, after their last lesson ended one afternoon, I gave it a blast and laid out all the necessary fabric on the table, measured and cut to make long strips for the borders and binding. After that was done, without much delay, border strips were attached to the blanket and sewn. That wasn’t difficult. But when it comes to binding, I concluded that the kids won’t be able to read on their own for too long (the older one is alright, the younger one will be up to his mischief), I decided to give the binding a machine stitch instead. And hey! I like the feel of it *too happy to see it almost finishing at that moment*

Though I must say, hand stitching gives me the satisfaction that machine sew can’t give. It is therapeutic! For smaller projects, I will do that to enjoy the calming effect. As for bigger projects like blankets, I will probably machine stitch the binding to save time, but having said that, I might still change my mind 😀 (fickle-minded)


I selected two charm packs (precut 5 x 5 squares) for this blanket and they are not from the same series. I bought a few different ones and combined two packs together and to my surprise, I love it!


Mixing and matching the squares, but in the end, I tell you, I still prefer to have the same series together. There is absolutely no problem with different series matching up, but it’s just me.

IMG_20140212_181352 IMG_20140214_084528I used Baby Jane by Eric and Julie Comstock and Giggles by me and my sister designs and so loving this series!

It was fun to piece each square together, sewn them into blocks and mixing them around on the floor to see which block goes where. No rules, just what you like and how it looks best to you. So absolutely love this cheerful, happy colors just because my little girl is a cheerful young lady 🙂


IMG_20140704_170016IMG_20140704_174512 IMG_20140704_175019The back fabric is from Robert Kaufman, Lesley Grainger. Really soft to hold and sleep in. I was contemplating whether I should top stitch the blanket, but in the end, I succumbed to my lazy bones that I decided to forgo that and used the tying method instead.

Overall, I must say, I totally enjoyed making this blanket and seeing the eager face of my little girl made it all worthwhile to spend time sewing this up. I take my hat off to crafters who handsew their blankets because it is definitely not easy.

Really happy to see it completed, washed with Missy hurrying me to bring it down from the bamboo stick (1 day later) for her use at night 😀 *I am a happy mom when it comes to this*

* A tutorial is coming up, but it is like taking forever due to the busy schedule I have at home. But I am trying my best to slot in time to complete it as soon as possible because I want to share with you how to make a simple fabric book cover that can brighten another person’s day when you give it to him or her as gift 🙂

Stay calm and Stitch On!

Have a lovely day 🙂 ~ jean.


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