Threads that bind | Patchwork Pouch

This patchwork pouch was completed a few days ago. I love the color of the pouch. Fabric from Gina Martin from Moda, Wrens and Friends. Love the bright, vibrant colors.


IMG_20140725_152826IMG_20140725_152731It was a joy to piece the triangle to make a square and selecting the fabric to make the base was easy this time just because I already had in mind to use this specific fabric. Been eyeing on it and telling myself to use it, but couldn’t find the right project too, but this matched up with the rest of the squares 🙂


I run with scissors! *Gasp!* No, I don’t. But I like the phrase, though it sounds so dangerous to run with scissors literally 🙂 I’m creative …. you can’t expect me to be neat too ha-ha!

IMG_20140725_001317 I simply love these minty stars on white/cream, just too lovely from Tilda. While making this pouch, I underestimated the time and effort used to sew the lining onto the main fabric. It took me a while to think which is the best way to attach the lining to main. 🙂 Instead of the usual binding I sew with bias tape, I tried another method (using the bag method) but in the end, I couldn’t figure out how to sew them together so I hand stitch the lining to the main.

* feeling satisfied! *


IMG_20140725_153054Not sure what I am going to use this pouch for or maybe, I will just list it up for sale…. *still thinking* It will take me a while. In the meantime, have a great week ahead! ~ jean.


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