Floral and Hooties | Card Holders


Again, I have to admit that I love small pouches. This has been the case for a very long time. Not only small pouches, but small items and it can range from small bottles, containers to many cute little things you can think of. I know, I know… It is not practical and not too useful, but but but…. (making all sorts of excuses). Oh well, I remade these card holder pouches last week. They are not with individual slots for each card, but an L-shaped zipper pouch. When I first made these months ago for two friends for their birthday, I find it cute and thought they are useful (hope they are using it). Had a few orders that came in but I simply have no extra time to make, but my understanding customers become friends told me to take my time and work on it later. (Thank you for being so kind to me, really appreciate ‘em).

I, too, have many cards, (not credit cards though) but other cards, like retail discount cards, supermarket point accumulation card, etc.. too many that my purse can handle. Sometimes, when I am being selective and bring only those cards I think I need, I get myself into trouble just because I ended up bringing the wrong cards or forget that particular one. Sigh… 🙂


Big wallet? No, I am not a big fan and not keen to get one as it will be too bulky for me. So, at times, I would just temporarily bring those I need and chuck ‘em into some pockets in my bag. Having said that, I tend to forget to bring those I may need if I change my bag. Not frequent but it does happen so I concluded that a small card pouch is good 🙂


When I first started sewing about four years ago, floral fabric was my first purchase. Still is now. I would buy when I take a liking to a specify floral fabric and keep…. (Hoarder! Yes, I know) so a [reminder to self], it’s not too late to use them now. 🙂


Method for the interior is different as compared to the first. I removed the use of bias tape for these. And find it easier and quicker to make them than previously.



In the midst of doing something else now, something which I haven’t really attempted to do, but was glad to be given the opportunity to work on some. Time is passing by (so quickly) day by day and I have to quicken my pace for what I need to do, in the midst of our schooling and home front. Bye now.

Stay cheerful and Happy stitching! ♡ ~ jean.


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