• Mama’s Dress • in floral by moda


Of late, I have been hit by the dressmaking bug. I made a dress for my little girl last week. This week, a dress made for myself using Feminine Wardrobe pattern. Bought this book a while ago and even made the bow dress on the cover page. Wasn’t too familiar with certain steps as the instructions are all in Japanese. So, I just tried my best to figure it out based on what I know. It was fun trying to make it, wore the dress once, and look oversized at the waist area (as it is supposed to be loosely fit), but the fabric looked more like pyjamas. I like the pattern, and will likely remake one again. 🙂

So, what happened to that bow dress now?

It’s been ‘locked’ up in the cupboard. I think I will alter it so that it can be worn again. [Hopefully soon]

I have been flipping this book, again, lately, for this time the book is in English. I was given the same book by a dear friend for my birthday. [Thank you] A dress was chosen and instead of just sewing it on my own, I spoke to a friend who agreed to sew-along with me. [After much discussion, we decided to sew a different pattern to suit what we like] 🙂 I look forward to seeing her dress *can’t wait, can’t wait*

This is what I have chosen. Reason? 🙂 Just because I am attracted to the big ribbon tie.


It took me a while to begin tracing the right size from the given pattern. If you haven’t explored to Japanese pattern before, it’s full of lines and it’s everywhere. So, before you start tracing, do a scan through of which pattern you are using as they overlapped with all the patterns you can find from the book. I did a mental scan and voila! I did it. The rest is history now. Choosing fabric wasn’t difficult as I had already planned to use this fabric. The pinning, cutting, sewing was good, except that I am a bit concern if I can fit into the dress. I wasn’t too sure if the size I chose was right this time (though I measured myself and compared with the measurement chart). Just do it, I told myself. [Thank God, I am quite pleased with the outcome of the dress!] Totally enjoyed the process of making it and this pattern (I must say) is a keeper!

Love it 💕


Enjoy your weekend! ~ jean.


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