• Giraffe Crossing Blanket •


A short post (I promise), well not as if all my posts are long winded ha-ha but I am in a hurry now to start and make something for Missy (while she is having her Chinese lesson)  for her birthday (soon) and as a form of encouragement to her diligence in preparing for her coming exam.


And so, I made the little boy a blanket that he wanted so badly just because the sister has one 🙂 “Thank you, mummy for making me my blanket.”, “I love it.” I, indeed, am happy to know that he loves his blanket which made all the efforts put into it worthwhile. Priceless to see him looking at the wet blankie hung up high on a bamboo, waited patiently for two days for it to dry properly, and finally this morning, when I handed it to him, he smiles so sweetly.


I absolutely love this soft fabric used for the back by Riley Blake (Doohikey). So colorful, cheerful and it matches the Riley Blake Giraffe Crossing bundle. It didn’t come as a package, I saw it at the fabric store one day while buying fabrics for the bag-making class and at the same time, I was fretting over finding a suitable yet comfy fabric for the back of the blanket. Thank God I found it! 

Same as Missy’s blanket, I used the tying method instead of using meandering or loopy stitches (these need lots of practice to get an even stitch throughout) and I am so lacking of time.


Went into their room (a week ago), and what I saw made me smile (aw). She was hugging her blanket and sleeping so soundly. That motivated me to quicken my hands to complete the little boy’s blanket.



Bye now, take care and remember to stay cheerful! ~ jean.


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