Sew Happy | Patchwork and EOs

I am glad to use up some scraps from the almost-full zip clear bag. I heart the Wrens and Friends series after making the other patchwork pouch so I chose to use all of it that was left in the bag. Instead of squares, I explored into rectangles, many of them. Not sure of what I want them to be so was playing around placing them here and there. It was fun to see different design came up, but in the end, I made a smaller pouch, leaving behind three more pouches to make.



Love this owl zipper head, which I bought from Korea two years ago, a few of them followed me back to Singapore, 7h flight to where I am now. I should have gotten more because I really love them seeing how cute they are.


Inner fabric was from Japan, 100% cotton, thick and of a nice texture. Pity that I only have it in fat quarter and not a bigger piece because it makes a nice interior lining for the pouch.  I didn’t make this pouch to put the essential oils I have but was meant for something else. But hey, it surprised me by fitting all the 5ml (10 of them) into this pouch. I resisted using it, but eventually succumbed to the weakness of really liking this pouch made from scraps. *ha-ha, I am proud of myself that I used the scraps instead of cutting into the nice lovely fabric in the cupboard* Giving myself a pat on the shoulder 😛




Back to making the remaining three pieces I have and hopefully they turn out to be as lovely as this. As you know, usually the first piece made is often the nicest, not because I am extremely careful or put in extra effort but it is the opposite. I did it with no one in mind, just for my own use and even if it turned out ugly, it is alright.

Now, with three to make, I tend (or might) change styles to add this and that, make it this way or that way. Complicated. But I will try to simplify the steps if possible, especially to the inner lining.

In the meantime, sit back and have a cup of hot milo to rest the fingers, eyes, and the tired brain.

xo, jean.


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