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An overdue post. There’s been far too much work stuff at home lately. An important exam early last week which ended on Monday. The girl said ok when asked how did it go. The boy was (still is) busy brushing up his reading skill coupled with addition, subtraction, greater or lesser than….. And the mummy (I think most busy of them all) was (still is) busy coaching them, keeping the home, catching up on devotion so as to teach and guide the kids and catching up on sewing too.

While managing things that went on at home, I stitched up some homemade clothings (using Japanese patterns) for the children and also myself! Ha! Yes, you heard it right. The dressmaking bug is here to stay for a while. Happy to see the kids wearing the dresses and shirts. I seriously need to make some pants for the boy. Had a hard time looking for a decent pants for him. But I just can’t find the right fabric. Fussy me!


IMG_20140826_113623 IMG_20140826_113707 IMG_20140826_113441IMG_20140825_140208

Moda has some really lovely print, so far, I am very pleased with what I had bought. 100% cotton that is thick and soft enough to make clothings. I love using linen too, it gives that sturdy look 🙂 Thumbs up to the local fabric store here. Oh! one thing about linen is that, after washed, it tends to wrinkle more and if you have a hard time trying to straighten it like I do, then just leave it as it is 🙂 You will probably like the vintage look of it being wrinkled or crumpled even after some ironing. I would and actually quite like the look of it.

IMG_20140825_140245 IMG_20140825_140400 IMG_20140825_140437

I can’t remember where this fabric is from, it’s 100% cotton too, but it isn’t as thick as from Moda. However, the floral is sweet and pretty for a little girl.


Frankly speaking, when I first bought this checkered brown fabric, my intention was to make cushion covers. Told the hubby that this is manly, not too feminine for the sofa (that was 2 years ago). Kept and was dug out from the cupboard desperately 3 weeks ago to make a shirt for the boy.



This dress, I almost gave up. So much talking about perseverance in teaching the kids and here, mummy was (thinking of) giving up on a dress. HA! Thank God, I didn’t. Persevered and completed the sew-a-long project, had doubts in it, but now after wearing it, I totally love it. Made some changes to the original pattern by adding pin tucks and also a drawstring style made it wearable for me. Overall, I would make it again using the same method 🙂


I really feel like making a blanket or quilt just because I have plenty of pretty fabrics in the bursting cupboard and I need to use them up (read: so that I can buy new fabric). Nah… Not entirely, but piecing each block together gives me the joy. Fun to play with color after deciding on the pattern. In the midst of it at night. Will update more on the pattern used. Bye!

~ jean


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