Patchwork Love

Lately for the past few weeks, I have been in the mood of patchwork after patchwork. Being under stress getting the girl ready for her important exam of the year, it has been therapeutic working on these lovelies at night after they sleep. Took the excuses that, well, I am going to teach my students patchwork and it’s boxy! Why not? Let’s get started…. hahaha!

IMG_20140922_103451IMG_20140922_164418 IMG_20140920_122311

The first version of the patchwork boxy pouch using Boocrew fabric.. Lovely but decided I am not going to teach this method so having a second excuse to make another one using Scrumptious fabric. I totally enjoy just looking at the pretty fabric and seeing it turned into a nice little useful pouch to someone, the joy is tremendously wonderful.


This time, I chose solid color to match with the printed ones. Look at the colors, aren’t they fun? The best part of it, is to turn them around, matching and seeing which one goes with which. No rules. The pinwheel blocks looked much better now. Love it!

boxypinwheelpouch1.4boxypinwheelpouch1.3boxypinwheelpouch1.6 boxypinwheelpouch1.5

See this little flap? I called it “ear” because i feel like I am pulling its ear when I unzip and zip the pouch. Useful, I must say. 🙂

☆ Bright Yellow ☆ Let’s take a peek inside. Little flowers fill the inside of the pouch. To me, the inside must be as pretty as the outside too! It makes me happy seeing the cheerful color. Totally enjoyed the whole process of making and also teaching the skill to these lovely students I met last Saturday morning ♡

Towards the last hour of the morning, it was a bit rush (we spent too much time choosing over which fabric to cut, placing them around, ironing, and sewing). I am thankful that they were all happily sewing the squares up and went home (with their completed project) making more (at home) and revising the steps! Well done, girls!

boxypinwheelpouch1.2 boxypinwheelpouch

This pouch of mine is now sitting in the fabric cupboard waiting for a purpose which I think I have just found it 🙂

xo jean


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