Flower Sugar in Blue…

I am into making dresses again! I regretted not buying the whole range of flower sugar fabric when I visited the store few months ago. When I returned to get the fabric to make myself a dress as per request from my student, the intended fabric, greyish blue was out of stock.


In the end, what left for me to buy was this blue flower sugar by Lecien. I was thinking to myself, hmm.. how will this turn out. I have some blue dresses too but this is bright and cheery. Friends even said “Cath Kidston look alike”. It didn’t occurred to me but I really love this dress after it was made. 🙂


blueflowersugardress1.1blueflowersugardress1.4blueflowersugardress1.3 blueflowersugardress1.2


I had an interesting conversation with the man. I said, “I think I should wear a cardigan over this so that it doesn’t look too bright on me”. He said, “You might as well wear sackcloth!” 😀

His comment made me laugh, well, true!

Till the next post, stay calm and stitch on!

♡ ~ jean.


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