Tunic Dress in brown floral

Made a tunic dress using the same pattern which I used for my previous two summer dresses. I removed the pintucks, pleats and drawstring tie, added zip to the back and big side pockets. Love the simplicity of the dress.

But I have a hard time trying to get a proper picture of it due to its pale looking color, sweet dainty pink floral in brown, the pictures which I took didn’t turn out well. This is quilting cotton, so it is slightly thicker than any other cotton. Fabric on its own is beautiful but when wear on the person, it may not go well with her skin color (it depends). Wear it with a cardigan or a sling bag may looks good too 🙂

It is loose fitting for most (or all) Japanese casual wear. Some may like it as it gives the comfort, not too tight and look really good in it. But some really dislike it as one may look pregnant or plump in it. I was smiling (half laughing, in fact) when a student commented on that, didn’t mean to but it’s true. I am one of those who like not-too-loose-dress, that’s why I added drawstring to define the waist for my previous two dresses.

Well, for a change, this is not too bad (i feel) 🙂


tunicdress3.2 tunicDress3.0 tunicDress3.1

Bye now. ~ jean


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