V neck blouse in Yellow Floral

I like slightly loose top to go with 3/4 or above the knee pants. But frankly speaking, I have doubt when this fabric was selected for this blouse. Not sure why but the nagging feeling of, is this the right choice keeps popping up even till the very last moment. Oh well, needless to say since you see this fabric means I had gone ahead and ignored the question in my head.

First version was a plain cut of two pieces from the pattern. Nothing fanciful, sew the invisible zip at the back, stitched the sides, the armholes and did a bias tape over at the neckline. It was easy to sew. Wore it once and like it.


However, changing the blouse has been at the back of my mind. “What if I sew double pointed darts at the front and back?” “Will it be better?”. After some thoughts, I went ahead and sew it. The feel and look of it is – the blouse has some shape and not too loose. This became the second version. Which one do I like it more? Actually, I like both. It really depends on what individual likes and to the comfort of the wearer. I am okay with both, in fact. No complain for this blouse except for, did I make the right choice with this fabric? hmm…. it’s for me to ponder 😀


And oh! did I mention that this pattern (including Summer Dress and Tunic Dress) was adapted from a Japanese book “I love liberty print”.

Time to go now…till the next post. ~ jean


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